Yoto Player (3rd Gen) vs. Yoto Mini: Choosing the Perfect Audio Companion for Your Child

by Bailey Bouwman

Summer break has been wild, but a few weeks in we learned that my daughter loves to listen to music as a way to just chill. That might be obvious for some, but I don’t enjoy listening to music! We set her up with an old iPad and headphones - but it’s clunky, the battery life is terrible, and more. So, I started asking around about child-appropriate audio players and discovered Yoto. 

The iPad screen is so not functional sometimes and she felt trapped — Peep the Current Tyde Swimsuit - we had to size up to a 7/8 this year for her, but love the fit and function of this BC-based swimwear. 

 Yoto is a screen free audio player designed for kids. It features a wifi connection and uses cards to play stories or music. I shared it with my husband who immediately had to learn if it was easy to DIY repair or upgrade (he says yes), and then decided we needed the Yoto! 

Sometimes when I find cool products for my kids that we don’t have in town, I think - I wonder if I can become a Yoto retailer? And surprising yes! So we’re bringing Yoto to Prince George, to our small children’s boutique in Pine Centre Mall for my children, your children, and all the families in Northern BC. 

I haven’t decided which Yoto Player models I’m going to get the kids yet because truly I’m torn between the two.  Anna thinks she wants the mini and Walter seems torn on which one. Part of me wants tot get the 3rd Generation and replace they’re wake with me clocks/white noise machines in their room. But I also love how compact the Mini is! 

Today, we present a comprehensive comparison of these two extraordinary devices, to help you select the ideal audio companion for your little one's adventures. Or at least try. For even more in-depth review check out this Canadian blog. 

We’re going to continue to stock Yoto Player as long as the reception and feedback remains positive. This is just our first small order. 


Yoto Player (3rd Gen)

Yoto Mini

Age Suitability Kids aged 3-12+ Kids aged 3-12+
Display Programmable night light and clock Small Pixel Display. OK-to-wake clock for sleep training
Size 11 x 11 x 10.5cm 7 x 7 x 4cm
Room Thermometer Yes No
Audio Storage 600+ hours of storage for offline listening, 32GB Up to 350 hours/16GB of audio storage
Charging USB-C & Wireless USB-C
Battery Life Up to 24 hours of play on a single charge Up to 20 hours of play on a single charge
Acoustics Acoustically-engineered stereo sound Clear and size-defying sound
Headphone Compatibility Wireless and wired headphones Wireless and wired headphones
WiFi Requirements Needed for initial setup and Yoto Cards Needed for initial setup and Yoto Cards
Night Light Yes No
Bluetooth Speaker Yes Yes
Included Accessories Charging Cable, Welcome Card, Quick Start Guide Charging Cable, Welcome Card, Setup Guide
App Control Yes Yes
Content Variety Endless hours of free stories, music, podcasts, and sleep sounds Free podcasts, radio, sleep sounds, and more
Durability of Cards Food-safe plastic, hard to bend or break Food-safe plastic, hard to bend or break
Price $149.99 $99.99


The key difference is that the Yoto Player (3rd Generation) is larger, double the storage, slightly longer battery life, and has a full pixel display with clock. Oh, and price. 

Age Suitability

Both Yoto Player (3rd Gen) and Yoto Mini are suitable for kids aged 3-12+, ensuring that your child will have access to a wealth of captivating content from Yoto, and we’ll be carrying a selection of Yoto Cards in store! The collection will start small and grow as we grow. That’s how every new product works. 

The Yoto Player is truly designed to grow with your family, you have the choice to choose from a wide collection of titles and songs that embraces the many stages of childhood. 

My son is 8 years old, so we have the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid on our radar, but for younger children stories like The Very Hungry Caterpillar make a perfect collection. You can also create your cards and upload your own audio content. 

What about younger kids? Everything with parent supervision and assistance. From their website - Although we've got hundreds of titles for kids from birth to 12+ years, children under 3 years old should only use Yoto Player or Yoto Mini under adult supervision, and charging must be kept out of reach of children.

Display and Size

Yoto Player (3rd Gen) features a programmable night light and clock, offering a comforting glow in the dark. On the other hand, Yoto Mini boasts a small pixel display and an OK-to-wake clock for sleep training. Choose the one that best suits your child's bedtime routines and preferences. Yoto Player (3rd Gen) has dimensions of 11 x 11 x 10.5cm, while Yoto Mini measures 7 x 7 x 4cm, making it a more compact and travel-friendly option.

Room Thermometer

If room temperature monitoring is essential, Yoto Player (3rd Gen) includes a built-in room thermometer to keep your child's space cozy and comfortable. We know this important for many new parents, and this is what intrigues me to consider adding the Yoto Player to your baby registry. It would be a fantastic white noise machine that grows with your family and transitions into their first audio player as they age. 

Audio Storage and Battery Life

 Yoto Player (3rd Gen) provides an impressive 600+ hours of audio storage with 32GB of space, while Yoto Mini offers up to 350 hours/16GB of audio storage. Both devices offer long-lasting battery life, with Yoto Player lasting up to 24 hours on a single charge and Yoto Mini up to 20 hours.

One reason I lean towards the Yoto Player 3rd Gen is because of the wireless charging capability. Charging things with kids is always interesting… and we’ve destroyed a few chargers and connecters over the years. At this time the wireless chargers are sold separately, and were unavailable when I was ordering. But a wireless charger at your bedstead seemed like a fantastic fit for my family. 

Better Night Time

Both Yoto Player and Yoto Mini can be an invaluable asset to your bedtime routine with a programmable nightlight, soothing sleepy sounds, sleep timers and volume limits, and alarm clocks. The functionality of both devices can help your little design their own bedtime without screens and get the support they need. 

The Yoto Player (3rd Generation) features a bigger display to be a nightlight and ok-to-wake clock. With 7 colours to choice from, just flip the display face-down after lights out. 

Acoustics and Headphone Compatibility

Yoto Player (3rd Gen) delivers acoustically-engineered stereo sound for an immersive listening experience. Yoto Mini, while smaller, does not compromise on sound quality and offers clear and size-defying audio. Yoto Player (3rd Gen) supports wireless and wired headphones, while Yoto Mini is compatible with 3.5mm and Bluetooth headphones, providing versatile listening options for your child.

Yoto Wireless headphones are also available for a separate purchase. We will have them with our next order. 

WiFi Requirements: Both Yoto Player (3rd Gen) and Yoto Mini require WiFi for initial setup and downloading Yoto Cards, ensuring your child has access to a diverse range of content.

Don’t have wifi at home? You could set this up at the library, or anywhere with free public wifi access and then be good to go at home. 

Content Variety and Card Durability

Both Yoto models offer endless hours of stories, music, podcasts and sleep sounds. Additional stories can be purchased digitally or using physical Yoto Cards, made from food-safe plastic, are durable and hard to bend or break, ensuring lasting enjoyment for your child.

AS mentioned earlier, their is a wide collection of content from birth to preteen available on Yoto for the entire family to enjoy.

You can also purchase blank cards and create audio to play whenever you want. I forgot to order the blank cards, but will grab them next time. This is a fantastic way to record voices (stories read aloud by a parent or loved one), create mixtapes of your favourite songs, and more! This is done in three easy steps using the Yoto App, and the player.  

You do get one blank card with every player. One card holds 500mb maximum, 100mb per file, or 100 tracks per card (1 hour running length per card). Learn more about Make Your Own Cards direct from Yoto. Experience the magic of Yoto Player or Yoto Mini today at Nest and Sprout Boutique and give your child the gift of limitless exploration and learning.

Available this August at Nest & Sprout

We know the Yoto Player is going to be the hot item for Christmas, and this first order is expected anyway now. Both the Yoto Mini or the Yoto Player (3rd Gen) will be a fantastic choice for any family, with accessories and covers to help you go wherever with your player.

Yoto reviews are unanimously positives and we look forward to working with you to get you the player you want! We hope to open up a local BST in our Facebook group for Northern BC parents looking to swap cards. 

Shop Yoto at Nest & Sprout, and let us know what products, accessories, and cards you want to see next. We can’t wait to ingnite your child's love for storytelling, music, and knowledge.

For fantastic resources about Yoto Player - check out Pocket Wonders. 


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Yoto Player (3rd Generation)

Yoto Player (3rd Generation)

Yoto Player (3rd Generation)

Regular price $149.99

Returning in 2024.

Introducing the Yoto Player (3rd Generation), a revolutionary kids' audio player that opens up a world of creative play and imagination. Designed for kids aged 3-12+, this unique device will inspire independence and bring joy to family life.

No need to worry about privacy concerns – the Yoto features no microphone or camera, and it is entirely ad-free.

What makes the Yoto Player so special? Let's count the ways:

  • Programmable Night Light and Clock: Set the Ok-to-wake clock to let kids know when it's time to rise and shine. The night light offers seven soothing colors for a calming bedtime ambiance.

  • Extensive Content Library: Enjoy endless hours of free stories, music, podcasts, and sleep sounds. With over 1,000+ titles available in our Card Store, children from birth to 12+ will always find something new to explore and learn.

  • Acoustically-Engineered Stereo Sound: Immerse your child in rich, high-quality audio with acoustically-engineered stereo sound for an exceptional listening experience.

  • 600+ Hours of Storage: The Yoto Player can store more than 600 hours of audio content, allowing for offline listening from anywhere – be it the car, a treehouse, or a cozy pillow fort.

  • Extended Battery Life: With up to 24 hours of play on a single charge, your child will have a lot of listening time before the next recharge.

  • Room Temperature Thermometer: Keep an eye on the room temperature to ensure your child's comfort and well-being.

The Yoto Player comes with a 1.5m (USB-A > USB-C) Charging Cable, a Welcome Card (which doubles as a Make Your Own Card), and a Quick Start Guide. Please note that a power adapter and wireless charger are not included.

Setting up the Yoto Player is a breeze! Download the Yoto App for iOS or Android, and within minutes, your child can start enjoying this fantastic audio player.

With Bluetooth capability, the Yoto Player can also serve as a regular Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to play custom content from your phone or computer.

Give your child the gift of auditory wonder and limitless exploration with the Yoto Player (3rd Generation). Order now and watch their creativity soar!

Shipping calculated at checkout.

Yoto Mini - Restocking 2024

Yoto Mini - Restocking 2024

Yoto Mini - Restocking 2024

Regular price $99.99

Unleash your child's imagination with Yoto Mini, the perfect audio player that accompanies kids aged 3-12+ on their exciting adventures. Through physical cards, kids can explore a world of the best audiobooks, music, activities, and educational audio while on the move.

Privacy and safety are our top priority – Yoto comes without a microphone or camera and is entirely ad-free.

Key Features:

  • Up to 20 Hours of Playtime: Enjoy up to 20 hours of uninterrupted play on a single charge, providing ample listening time for any journey.

  • Play Sleep Sounds and More: Create the perfect ambiance for sleep or relaxation with a variety of sleep sounds and white noise options.

  • USB-C Fast-Charge Cable: Included USB-C cable ensures fast and convenient charging for continued playtime.

  • App-Controlled: Manage audio playback and settings easily through the Yoto App, available for both iOS and Android devices.

  • Headphone Compatibility: Listen quietly with 3.5mm and Bluetooth headphones, offering children the freedom to enjoy audio however they prefer.

  • Use Yoto Mini as a Bluetooth Speaker: Yoto Mini doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, making it a versatile choice for family outings, road trips, flights, and playdates.

What Makes Yoto Mini Special?

Yoto Mini puts the best of Yoto in the palms of kids' hands, serving as a personal audio companion on every adventure. This award-winning audio player may not have a night light, but it shares Yoto Player's OK-to-wake clock. Like its older sibling, Yoto Mini is packed with free podcasts, radio, sleep sounds, and other enriching content that captivates curious young minds.

What’s Included with Yoto Mini?

  • Yoto Mini audio player
  • 1m USB-C charging cable
  • Welcome Card (also serves as a Make Your Own Card)
  • Setup Guide

Yoto Mini's Age Suitability: Yoto Mini is suitable for kids aged 3+. With a Card Store boasting over 1,000 titles for children from birth to 12+, your kids will continuously discover new audio content to inspire their growth and learning.

Shipping calculated at checkout.
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