GloPals: Lighting Up Bath Time and Celebrations at Nest & Sprout

by Bailey Bouwman

GloPals have become one of my favorite things at Nest & Sprout. They were quickly one of my must-have items to order when purchased the business because we’ve been using and loving on Glo Pals for years. I’ve always purchased them from my favorite children’s boutiques across the country, and I knew that we needed them in Prince George, BC too!

But what makes GloPals so special to me? It's all about the joy they bring to my children and the transformative impact they've had on our bath time routines.

The Inspiration Behind GloPals

GloPals were inspired by a child with autism whose mother used this innovative technology to help him overcome his fear of water. The heartwarming story behind GloPals' inception motivated me to give them a try, and I'm so glad I did. These water-activated cubes have been a game-changer for bath time in our household.

Brightening Bath Time at Nest & Sprout

Bath time has always been a bit of a struggle in our home, just as it was for the child who inspired GloPals. These magical cubes have bridged the gap by making bath time an exciting, sensory-rich experience. The way they light up in the water engages my children's senses and sparks their imagination.

My pain point is that in our house — we have a skylight, so its only dark in the bathroom September to May. We’re fully in our Glo Pal season right now and it’s been so much fun.

Reusable and Safe

While sustainability is crucial, sometimes I'm willing to compromise a bit for moments of pure joy. GloPals are designed with encased batteries for the safety of children. These cubes can be reused until the battery is depleted, which usually lasts for several weeks. Batteries cannot be replaced. We've managed to get a few months of use out of them with once-a-week bath time.

Unlike a glo stick bath, you’ll get to reuse your Glo Pal cubes for several weeks before they need to be recycled.

  • Battery Life:
    • Each GloPal cube lasts for a minimum of sixteen lighted hours. The cubes automatically turn on when placed in water and off when the bath is drained, which means only the time spent in use counts against the battery life.
    • On average, a single cube should last for at least 30 days - length of life is definitely based on how often you use them. More baths, more light, shorter life. 
  • Safety and Recyclability:
    • GloPals prioritize safety by sealing the batteries to minimize the risk of choking hazards, which is essential when dealing with children's products.
    • Although the batteries aren't replaceable, the cubes are recyclable as button batteries. I'm going to look into becoming a recycling partner. 
    • Sustainability remains important to the brand even with their focus on safety. A single GloPal Cube typically lasts for 4-6 weeks on average.

Our Family's Favorite Way to Play

While GloPals are available as characters or cubes, my kids prefer the cubes. They enjoy turning off the lights and tossing in as many cubes as possible, pretending to be fish. This interactive, sensory-rich activity aligns perfectly with the big body movement that's popular in our household. The Party Cube, with its color-changing feature, is a clear favorite, but we also have a soft spot for the color purple.

GloPals have truly brightened our lives, turning bath time into a joyful adventure.

They've made our family's bath time experiences magical, and I hope that they can do the same for yours. Don't forget to explore their blog for fantastic ideas on using GloPals for sensory play and other exciting activities. And we look forward to seeing you online or in store.

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