What's the Secret to Cozy Kids in Winter? Q for Quinn's Wool Socks!

by Bailey Bouwman

Winter showed up a little too quickly this year, which means the mad rush on finding things to keep your kids warm and comfortable. Even been helping you find the right coat, the best pair of snow gloves and tackling the question of keeping feet warm. 

Now our bias does lay with the collection of Emu Australia boots made with merino wool, and suede exteriors. They are good for -30; but we know it’s not everyone's style so how do you tackle cold toes without wool boots? A good fitting boot and wool socks. 

This year we’ve expanded our kids sock collection with more wool options! Our wool sock designed and manufactured by a Canadian company, Q for Quinn. We have been thrilled with the quality and fit of Q for Quinn socks in the past, and this wool collection met our concerns when it came to a sock.

We were looking for a wool kids sock that would offer warmth, all day comfort, endurance, style, and aligned with our goals for manufacturing and production.

Q for Quinn's Merino Wool Socks: The Winter Dream Team

Q for Quinn's Merino Wool Socks have your back on all these fronts. Here's how these socks work their magic and solve the Canadian parent winter puzzle:

  1. Winter Warmth, All Day Long:

These socks are packing 85% Merino wool, which means they deliver unbeatable warmth. They're not just socks; they're warm and toasty foot hugs.

  1. No Itch, All Snug:

Say goodbye to the days of your kids complaining about itchy socks. These gems sport a flat toe seam and merino wool, making them as comfy as cozy gets.

  1. Built for Adventure:

Kids have a knack for being hard on their gear. But Q for Quinn's socks come prepared with 13% Recycled Polyester, ensuring they can keep up with even the most rambunctious of kids.

  1. Silicone Grippers

You'll discover some of the best grips on the market with the Q for Quinn socks in sizes 1-6 years. These silicone dots ensure less slip and slide on floors and more staying put - essential for life in Canadian houses.

  1. Five New Colour Options:

Who said winter socks can't be stylin'? Q for Quinn's socks come in a kaleidoscope of colors that your kiddos will adore. These aren't just warm; they're fashion statements.\

The Extra Good Stuff:

Picking Q for Quinn means going for sustainability and ethics. These socks are ethically made in Portugal and are certified with the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). That's choosing kindness for sheep and supporting their well-being.

We're not just about kid comfort; we're also looking out for Mother Earth. Q for Quinn's  wool socks aren't superwash-treated, which means they're kinder to our environment. Just remember to give them the gentle treatment, like a delicate cycle wash and hanging to dry or a low tumble dry.


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