Nest Designs Kids' Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt and Cozy Tanboocel Pants: A Must-Have for Your Child's Wardrobe

by Bailey Bouwman

We've had a few people asking us for base layers for their winter adventures this year, and to be honest - I hadn't ordered any specific base layer products. But what is a base layer? A warm synthetic blend that helps you feel comfortable under your winter jacket or snow suit?

Nest Designs has your little adventurers covered with their Kids' Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt and Cozy Tanboocel Pants. These versatile pieces have quickly become my kid's favorite piece of clothing and easily a simple and comfortable base layer for any family this winter.


Key Features of Nest Designs Kids' Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt and Kids' Cozy Tanboocel Pants:

Innovative Material: Crafted with 79% Bamboo Rayon, 13% Cotton, and 8% Spandex, these base layers offer unmatched warmth, softness, and flexibility. The same fabric blend is used in both the shirt and pants, ensuring your child stays cozy and comfortable. Learn more about how Nest Designs chooses their fabrics here.

Moisture Mastery: Both the shirt and pants feature Tanboocel fabric, which excels in moisture absorption and breathability, keeping your child dry and fresh during any adventure. Whether it's a chilly outdoor escapade or a cozy day indoors, these base layers have moisture management covered.

Versatile Adventure Companion: From outdoor play to snug moments at home, these base layers are designed to keep up with your child's active lifestyle. They provide the freedom to move and explore without limitations, making them the perfect companions for all types of activities.

Quality Assurance: With a fabric weight of 260g, both the shirt and pants are reliable choices for staying warm in moderate weather conditions. You can count on the quality and longevity of these pieces to endure the test of time.

Personal Love - a sensory kid must-have

My child absolutely adores these base layers. We've really been struggling with clothing that fits and feels comfortable. Partly because she's grown and partly because it needs to be cozy! If she could live in Sherpa forever, or just be without clothing - the world would be amazing.

The flat seams and relaxed fit provide the comfort needed, especially for kids with sensory sensitivities. These pieces are soft, cozy, and warm, making them a sensory must-have. The heavier material weight is perfect for layering with winter wear or wearing around the house on colder days.

We also appreciate Nest Designs' attention to detail, such as the fabric tag with the size and the convenient tear-out tags for additional consumer information. This means you can keep the size tag for future reference without the annoyance of cutting out tags - because I have cut out every tag in every piece of clothing in the closet. But never Nest Designs! They do this on their underwear too - making their underwear a sensory friendly garment for both boys and girls!

We originally bought her a set in Faded Rose, and had to come back for a set in Tapestry. Mix and match with other clothes, or wear it as a comfortable set. For reference, my daughter is wearing the size 9/10.

Nest Designs Kids' Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt and Cozy Tanboocel Pants: A Must-Have for Your Child's Wardrobe

Whether your child has textile sensitivity or not, Nest Designs' Kids' Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt and Cozy Tanboocel Pants are essential additions to their wardrobe for the season.

Available in sizes ranging from 18-24 months to 7-8 years, these base layers will keep your little ones warm, comfortable, and stylish throughout the year. Make every season a cozy and memorable one with these exceptional pieces from Nest Designs.



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