Restocked: Elevate Your Child's Wardrobe with Nest Designs' Boxer Briefs

by Bailey Bouwman

As a former cloth diaper blogger, it's only natural that my next quest was to find the the perfect, best pair of children's underwear. For many, you can just buy the boxers at Costco, or the briefs at Winners - but for my children comfort takes a whole new level with their general hatred of all things clothing, tags, and seams. 

We had some success with cotton underwear - the Q for Quinn collection - did us well for many years, but last year we tried a new design from Nest Designs, and the cotton undies have been banished to the back of the drawer. 

We sold out last season, and this week we ar excited to announce the restock of our best-selling children's underwear—Nest Designs Toddler Boxer Briefs. These prints are launched with the new Once Upon a Time Spring/Summer collection from Nest Designs. You can shop the collection at Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC.

Crafted with care and designed for comfort, these boxer briefs are the perfect transition pieces for your little ones. Whether you have a growing girl or an active boy, these boxer briefs offer the ideal blend of comfort and style. Note - this product is available in a boy cut with an additional gusset for front space, whereas the girl features no gusset. Aside from the gusset, it is the same shape and cut. 

Nest Designs Toddler Boxer Briefs (2-Pack):

  1. Comfortable Design: a common complaint with girls underwear is digging elastics, and wedgies. The boxer brief cut is comfortable cut for all kids giving them a snug all day comfort fit.

  2. Flat Lock Seams: no seams to bother you or scratch along your hips. Sewn with comfort in mind

  3. Premium Materials: Made from a soft and breathable blend of 70% rayon derived from bamboo, 25% cotton, and 5% spandex, these boxer briefs ensure a gentle touch against delicate skin and a flexible fit. They are oh so soft and comfortable. 

  4. Elasticized Waistband: The elasticized waistband provides a secure and cozy fit, perfect for active play. No more slipping or discomfort during those playtime adventures. No expoosed elastic.

  5. Available Sizes: Choose from a wide range of sizes, from 18 months to 9-10 years, ensuring the right fit as your child continues to grow.

  6. Convenient Tag Removal: Legally, brands need to provide you with information about a product on the product. This can be printed on, or tags added. Many of Nest Designs products feature ultrasoft fabric tags, and some products like this one an easy tear out tag for the ultimate convince and no ouch.

  7. New Prints and Two-Pack Convenience: Both collections come in new prints and are sold in a convenient two-pack for just $15, providing a stylish and economical choice for your child's underwear needs.

If you're looking for a sensory friendly, super comfy underwear for your kids - then look no further than Nest Designs.  While every kid might have their own preferences and comfort when it comes to underwear, this is a top contender for many local families in Prince George, BC..

Available in new prints, sold in a convenient two-pack for just $15, these boxer briefs are your child's ticket to the best in comfort, style, and quality! Shipping is available from Prince George, BC, Canada, and beyond. 

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