Introducing the Awesome PRIDE Pocket Cloth Diaper 2.0: Bursting with Colors and LGBTQ+ Love!

by Bailey Bouwman

Hey there, folks! We've got some exciting news to share with you. Nest & Sprout in Canada will be stocking the PRIDE Pocket Cloth Diaper 2.0 from Kinder Cloth Diapers today! 

Let's talk about the amazing artist behind this diaper—Rebecca Bobko. Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Seattle, to be exact), Rebecca is a multi-talented artist, designer, crafter, maker, and even baker. She draws inspiration from bold, colorful patterns, the wonders of nature, her incredible wife, and their two adventurous kiddos. You can also find her rocking the stationery world with her brand, Happy People Paper Goods. This lady knows how to spread joy, and we're stoked to have her on board!

This PRIDE Pocket Cloth Diaper is a burst of rainbow happiness! With Rebecca's artwork gracing the fabric, you can choose from different eye-catching designs. Fancy some Pride Unicorn Floaties or maybe some Pride Rainbow Ribbon? We've got you covered. If you're feeling bold, go for the Pride Rainbow Bursts! And if you prefer solid colors, we've got Red, Yellow, and Blue options too featuring a unique patterned athletic wicking jersey!  

Here's the best part: For every PRIDE item sold, we're donating one dollar to the Trevor Project. These amazing folks are on a mission to end LGBTQ+ youth suicide and create a future where every single young LGBTQ+ person can see a bright and promising path ahead. So when you buy this awesome diaper, you're not just getting a fantastic product—you're also supporting an incredible cause.

So, what are you waiting for? Swing by Nest & Sprout in Canada and grab yourself one of these PRIDE Pocket Cloth Diapers!

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