New Winter Gear Alert: Villervalla's Winter Collection at Nest & Sprout

by Bailey Bouwman

As winter approaches, there's no better time to gear up and prepare for the chilly Canadian weather. Nest & Sprout, located in Prince George, BC, is proud to introduce the latest addition to their winter collection: Villervalla's Winter Gear. I've been working hard to find you the best winter gear, from a new brand in snow boots to a new brand in winter coats. 

I am so excited to bring Villervalla to Prince George, because it's one of the best winter coats for kids on the market, in my opinion. We have loved this Swedish snow gear for years for it's durability, quality, and performance in a variety of temperatures. This is the kind of snow gear that is too warm to wear when the temperature is above zero. It's the snow gear your kids will want to wear because it's comfortable, warm, and breathable. 

Villervalla: A Trusted Name in Winter Gear

Before we dive into the specific products, let's take a moment to recognize the brand behind these remarkable winter items. Villervalla, known for its top-quality Scandinavian-inspired clothing, has brought its expertise to the cold-weather gear game. They prioritize responsible manufacturing and ensure their outerwear is free of perfluorinated chemicals, such as PFOS and PFOA. This commitment to sustainability is just one of the reasons we're excited to feature their winter gear.

Three Key Products: Jacket, Trousers & Overalls

Alongside accessories such as mittens, gloves and hats - we’ll be bringing in a winter jacket, snow pants, and one-piece in two main colours this year. Villervalla winter collection is gorgeous and does feature three colours and a bonus print but I choose to start with two for 2024. We will have Acai (a purple) and Forest (a green) available in solids, and one stripe jacket. Snow pants will also be available in a black. 

To be expected mid-late September. 

Winter Jacket: Stylish and Functional

The Villervalla Winter Jacket is designed to keep your kids warm, dry, and comfortable during those freezing Canadian winters.

Here are some key features that make it stand out:

  • Waterproof (8000mm): This jacket can withstand the wettest of conditions, ensuring your child stays dry even in the snowiest weather.

  • Breathable: The jacket's breathability prevents overheating, making it suitable for a variety of temperatures.

  • Adjustable Sleeves: The end-of-sleeve snow stop keeps the cold out, and you can adjust it for a perfect fit.

  • Detachable Hood: Customize your child's look and level of warmth by easily removing or adjusting the hood.

  • Reflective Details: Safety matters, and the reflective tape on the sleeves and star print on the back enhance visibility during those dark winter evenings.

  • Cost: Approx $130

Sizes: 98cm (2-3 Years), 104cm (3-4 Years), 110cm (4-5 Years), 116cm (5-6 years), 122cm (6-7 years), 128 cm (7-8 years) 

When it comes to sizing, this is a brand I don’t generally recommend sizing up in. It’s already a generous fit and can be quite large if you go up too many sizes. We’ve typically gotten 2-3 years out of a coat depending on the size and stage of growth. My daughter is currently wearing a 116cm (5-6 years) - and will likely wear this size this year even though we wear 128cm in most of our regular clothing. 

Anna in a 116cm last winter. 

Walter has been wearing a 122cm for the past two years, he’s currently a 134, and I will be ordering a 134 from another boutique when they arrive. 


Winter Trousers: Stay Warm and Dry from Waist to Toe

Villervalla's Winter Trousers are the perfect complement to the jacket. They offer comprehensive protection against the cold and wet

  • Waterproof (8000mm): These trousers provide excellent protection from rain, snow, and slush.

  • Reinforcements: The knees and behind areas are reinforced for extra durability.

  • Detachable Suspenders: Keep the trousers securely in place with the detachable suspenders.

  • Adjustable Leg Length: Sizes 98 and above come with adjustable leg lengths, ensuring a comfortable fit as your child grows.

  • Detachable Elastic Underfoot: This feature prevents snow and cold from entering the boots.

  • Reflective Tape: Just like the jacket, these trousers also have reflective tape for added safety.

  • Cost: approximately $90 CAD

Trousers will be available 80cm (9-12 months), 86cm(12-18 months), 92cm (18-24 months), 98cm (2-3 Years), 104cm (3-4 Years), 110cm (4-5 Years), 116cm (5-6 years), 122cm (6-7 years), 128 cm (7-8 years)

Winter Overall: Ultimate Cold-Weather Protection

For all-encompassing warmth and comfort, consider the Villervalla Winter Overall

  • Waterproof (8000mm): Enjoy the same high level of waterproofing as the other products in this collection.

  • Reinforcements: Knees and behind areas are reinforced to withstand active play.

  • Adjustable Sleeves: The sleeves come with a snow stop and thumb hole for added warmth.

  • Detachable Hood: Customize the overall to your child's preference.

  • Reflective Tape: Enhanced visibility for safety.

  • Detachable Elastic Underfoot: Keeps your child's feet dry and warm.

  • Cost: approximately $155 CAD

Overalls will be available in 74 cm (6-9 months), 80cm (9-12 months), 86cm(12-18 months), 92cm (18-24 months), 98cm (2-3 Years), 104cm (3-4 Years)



Last year, I heard that you wanted deep cold snow gear. Snow gear that can take on a -20 day. And while this gear is not thermally rated, it is absolutely going to keep your kids warm on a cold windy day without needing too many layers and extras.


In Prince George, BC, where winter temperatures can plummet, the Villervalla Winter Collection has quickly become our must-have staple for winter. And yes, the prices do feel intimidating - but if you’ve shopped around, you know that quality snow gear this is an incredibly price point. With its superior quality, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability, it's easy to see why families across Canada, and the cold USA have embraced it as their favourite. 


Whether you're interested in a winter jacket, trousers, or an overall, Villervalla has you covered and we’ll have preorders open by the end of the week once we confirm payment and shipment.

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