New Brand Alert: Native Shoes Arriving at Nest & Sprout

by Bailey Bouwman

It was hard not to notice the shoe rack loaded with Native Shoes at my friend's house last summer. The intriguing part? The theme continued as many of my parenting friends south of Prince George couldn't stop raving about making the switch to Native Shoes for their kids. Comfort, style, and durability were the buzzwords, leaving me with a simple yet nagging question – why aren't there more options to shop Native Shoes right here in Prince George? 

After a bit of waiting, our first preorder of Native Shoes is finally touching down this February. We're talking toddler and big kid sizes – perfect for your little walkers and grade-schoolers. Because let's face it, feeling the shoes, trying them on, and making sure they're just right is a whole vibe.

PS. This is just the first of many great shoe brands stepping into Nest & Sprout this year. We can't wait to help your children find the right shoe whether it's their first steps, or millionth.

About Native Shoes: Stepping into a World of Comfort and Conscious Style

Crafted with a commitment to creating a lighter, healthier, and happier world, Native Shoes takes each step with purpose. Their water-friendly shoes and sandals, made from EVA and bio-based materials, redefine the standards of sustainable fashion. From playground explorations to family outings, Native Shoes is on a mission to bring style, comfort, and a touch of eco-conscious goodness to little feet and beyond.

Now, let's talk eco-friendly vibes:

  • EVA and Eco Goodness: Native Shoes are made with EVA and bio-based materials. They're lightweight, shock-absorbent, and hand-washable with a closed-cell surface that fights off odors.

  • Sweetness of Sugarlite™: Some Native Shoes boast Sugarlite™ – sugarcane-based EVA material. It not only adds sweetness to the shoes but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 22%. Sweet for the planet, sweet for your little one's feet.

  • Certified Earth-Friendly: Native Shoes checks all the boxes – REACH, CPSIA, Prop 65 compliant, BPA and phthalate-free, and PETA Approved Vegan. No harmful stuff here!

Product Teasers

Now, let's dive into the goodies arriving at Nest & Sprout. Drumroll, please! Our first order of Native Shoes is set to introduce a trio of fabulous footwear:

Jefferson Clog Child:

For the Big Kids: A bestseller, the Jefferson Clog Child, embraces the clog life with a new silhouette for easy-going style. The material adds a sweet touch, making them hand-washable, shock-absorbent, and odor-resistant. Stylish, sustainable, and ready for those on-the-go moments.

Jefferson Child

For the Little Ones: The Jefferson Child brings sweetness to every step. Reimagined in Sugarlite™, this pair ensures the same shock-absorbent, odor-resistant goodness with a 22% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions during production. A sustainable and stylish choice for the youngest explorer.

The Chase Sandal

For Summer Adventures: The Chase Sandal is new for Summer 2024! It features an extra cushiony delight ready for summer exploration. Whether it's a day at the beach or a backyard adventure, these sandals, available in sizes C4 to C10, promise comfort and carefree moments.

 Sizing Insights: Navigating the C and J System

Alright, let's talk sizes – because we get it, finding the perfect fit for your little ones is like solving a puzzle. Enter the Child (C) and Junior (J) sizing system, your new best friend in the world of kid's shoes. Here's the lowdown:

  • Child (C): This is for the littlest feet in your life. When you see "C" followed by a number, think of it as "Child Size." For example, "C7" means Child Size 7 – perfect for those tiny toes just starting to explore the world.

  • Junior (J): Now, if you spot a "J" followed by a number, that's shorthand for "Junior Size." It's a step up for your growing kiddo. For instance, "J4" translates to Junior Size 4, which aligns with a men's size 4 as well. Big strides for little feet!

So, in a nutshell, "C" for the little tots, "J" for the growing crew. Easy, right?

Native Shoes typically start at a C4 and go to a J5. Some styles may offer sizes smaller such as a C3 - if we don't have your size in store reach out about special orders to bring them in.

Caring for Native Shoes: A Gentle Touch for Happy Feet 

Let's keep it simple – keeping those Native Shoes spick and span is a breeze:

  • Hand-Wash Wisdom: When it's clean-up time, grab lukewarm water, gentle soap, and a soft brush or cloth. Give them a gentle scrub, paying attention to the nooks and crannies.

  • Cool and Shaded Retreat: Let them air dry in a cool, shaded spot. Keep them away from direct sunlight – sometimes shoes are known to shrink if left in hot direct sunlight.

Remember, no washing machines or dishwashers, and definitely no spin cycles. Keep it cool, keep it gentle, and your Native Shoes will stay happy and fresh. Looking for a machine washable shoe? Consider the Jan & Jul shoe collection instead.

Stepping into a Stylish Future with Native Shoes at Nest & Sprout

It all started with a shoe rack full of Native Shoes at a friend's place last summer – a style revelation that echoed through parenting circles south of Prince George. The buzz around the comfort, style, and durability of Native Shoes left us pondering why this fantastic footwear brand wasn't more accessible in our own backyard.

Our first preorder of Native Shoes is touching down this February, bringing toddler and big kid sizes to Nest & Sprout. Because finding the perfect pair isn't just a shopping trip; it's a feel-good vibe, a moment of connection between little feet and the right shoe.

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