Step Into Spring: A Sandal Showdown with Mini Melissa and Native Chase

by Bailey Bouwman

In preparation for Spring and upcoming holidays, our kids sandal collection has started to arrive at Nest & Sprout. This year, we debut two brands: Mini Melissa & Native Shoes. We will continue to carry Jan & Jul. 

On the shelf, we can't help but notice the similarities between the Cozy Sandal (Mini Melissa) and the Chase Sandal (Native Shoes). Both feature an open toe design, secure heal strap, and a Velcro buckle top for easy on and off. Despite these similarities they are two very different shoes with different design characteristics. If you're local, see them in person at Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC. 

Both shoes are available in other colourways, but for now we've kept it simple with colours that easily mix and match are generally a crowd pleaser. 

Comparing Mini Melissa Cozy Sandal and Native Chase Sandal:

Cozy Sandal


Chase Sandal

Brand Mini Melissa Native Shoes
Design Cushiony sole, and PVC upper Entirely made from one piece, cute buckle top
Material Upper: 92% PVC, Sole: 100% EVA, Bubblegum scent

Think Jelly Shoe
Injection molded Sugarlite™ EVA, eco-conscious materials

Back Strap & Velcro Buckles

Heel strap and two adjustable straps for easy wear

Unisex Yes Yes
Water-friendly Yes Yes
Manufacture Made in Brazil Made in China and Vietnam
Vegan PETA Approved Vegan
Recycling Possible, but not offered Via Native
Sizes Available 5-10 C4-10
Price (CAD) $75 $55

Mini Melissa: A Blend of Comfort, Style, and Responsibility

The Mini Melissa Cozy Sandal encapsulates the essence of comfort, style, and responsible fashion. With its cushiony sole and PVC upper, these sandals provide more than just an adorable look – they offer durability, easy maintenance, and waterproof features, ensuring that every step your little one takes is both comfortable and stylish. The Mini Melissa Cozy Sandal is available in baby sizes in the Pink Glitter, and available in big kid sizes in this beautiful yellow tone that I Truly believe is neutral, and perfect for boys or girls. 

Crafted from the resilient PVC material, MelFlex, Mini Melissa shoes are a testimony to cruelty-free and eco-conscious creations. Mini Melissa embraces mindful manufacturing practices, including 100% wastewater treatment, 86% water reuse, and the use of 100% renewable energy since 2018. Their dedication to zero-waste excellence is evident through the incorporation of recycled factory waste, making up 30% of each shoe.

Mini Melissa, known for its durability and timeless design, is a brand that not only meets the needs of your child but also aligns with values of sustainability and responsible living.

I can't help but share this adorable match! The Mini Melissa Cozy Sandals in glitter pink coordinate with the Mila Sunsuit from Current Tyed swimwear just right

Native Shoes: Sustainable Steps, Stylish Strides

Native Shoes brings sustainability to the forefront with the Native Chase Sandal. Entirely made from one piece, featuring a cute buckle top, and injection molded with eco-conscious materials like Sugarlite™ EVA, these sandals showcase the brand's commitment to redefine sustainable fashion.

Native Shoes, born out of a love for community and dedication to eco-conscious living, presents footwear that goes beyond mere style. Crafted with EVA and bio-based materials, Native Shoes offers lightweight, shock-absorbent shoes that are kind to the planet. The injection-molded bio-based EVA and Sugarlite™ not only provide comfort but also demonstrate the brand's commitment to a greener future.

Sizes for Every Stage – from Child (C) to Junior (J) – make Native Shoes versatile for every growing explorer. The hand-washable, odor-resistant, and easy-to-slide-on features add to the effortless comfort that defines childhood joy. You'll be able to get the Native Chase Sandal in a Child Size 4 - which is perfect for petite walkers, or early walkers. With it's incredibly light weight design, and adjustable straps, this has been a great fit on many babies and toddlers

We showcased the pink colourway, but the Chase Sandal comes in other colours including this Pickle colourway. 


Spring is the season of new beginnings, and at Nest & Sprout, we invite you to embark with new shoe brands and styles sourced in sustainability, durability and quality for your family. 

Nest & Sprout is your go-to for everything kid, we have the products you're looking for. Whether it's the Mini Melissa Cozy Sandal with its timeless design and commitment to responsibility or the Native Chase Sandal, showcasing sustainable steps and stylish strides, these sandals embody the joy of childhood while aligning with values that resonate with the world we want to create. Visit us in Prince George, BC, and let's step into spring together with adorable and eco-conscious footwear for your tiny tots.

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