Introducing the Holdie Prehistoric and Extinct Animals: Handmade, Eco-Friendly Toys for Imaginative Play

by Bailey Bouwman

Today, we received a new shipment of handmade, eco-friendly toys from Ollie Ella, and they are absolutely adorable! This collection brings a new set of characters to the beloved Holdie World, in a brand new size!


Introducing the Holdie Prehistoric Animals and Holdie Extinct Animals!

These soft, wool blend toys are perfect for small hands and make for wonderful prompts for hours of imaginative play. Each animal is uniquely crafted with embroidered features, giving them their own personality and charm.

The Holdie Prehistoric Animals set includes three dinosaurs - Pterodactyl, T-Rex, and Ankylosaurus.

 The big-hearted Pterodactyl can often be found soaring high above the trees and volcanoes, while Ankylosaurus spends the day hunting for the greenest leaves to munch! And don't be scared of T-Rex, as he's a gentle giant who loves to explore and meet new buddies to play hide and seek with.


The Holdie Extinct Animals set includes Mammoth, Dodo, and Saber Tooth Tiger. This set has my heart, there's something about that sober tooth tiger! 


Mammoth is mighty kind and can always be found helping around Holdie world, lifting, moving, and holding things with that strong trunk. Dodo, on the other hand, spends days trying madly to fly up into the Holdie world skies and is a storyteller full of tales. Finally, Sabre Tooth Tiger loves nothing more than a cozy cuddle and is Holdie world's go-to when anyone feels worried or blue.


What's special about these toys from Olli Ella? The Holdie World introduces us to a world of soft play toys that children of all ages will love. Instead of plastic, these creatures can join.your little one on their next big adventure across the bedroom, through the closets, and provide a softness and durability you yearn to have. 

Made from a super soft wool blend with cotton trim and polyfill, they are safe for children of all ages to play with. This set of creatures is almost double the size of the previous Holdie World animals - okay, maybe not double, but they are significantly larger. 

Here's the measurements of one set. 

T-REX is 7.9" tall, 3.1" wide, and 9.8" long. 
Ankylosaurus: H 4.7” x W 3.1” x L 9”
Pterodactyl: H 4.7” x W 2” x L 3.9”


Holdie World animals make the perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion! Many of our customers pick up these collections of Olli Ella toys to decorate their nursery as they await their newest arrival. So if you're planning that dinosaur themed nursery, or have a little one in love with all things extinct - these are a must have. 

Get ready for a prehistoric adventure and add some Holdie Prehistoric or Holdie Extinct friends to your child's toy collection today. Thank you for shopping with Nest & Sprout! This collection, along with many other products from Olli Ella, are ready to ship across Canada. 

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