Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for the New Mom

by Bailey Bouwman

It always feels like mom has everything, so shopping for mom on Christmas can be daunting world of trying to figure out what is the perfect for Christmas Gift. Today, we’re going to help you find the perfect Christmas gift for the new mom. 

These gift ideas are phenomenal for any time you need to show up with a gift from birthdays, to Mother’s Day to her birthday. 

About Nest & Sprout

Nest & Sprout is a locally owned and operated maternity and baby shop in Prince George, BC. We serve families across Northern BC and Canada connecting them with timeless essentials for motherhood, parenting, and childhood. You can shop with us in person or online. 

Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for the New Mom

We’ve sourced things from our own shop, other local vendors and brands we love, and ideas we gathered from our customers online and offline. Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comment section. 

The trick is to try to avoid baby stuff - that’s for the baby. How can we spoil the mom, and give her gifts that align with who she is. 

For the Expecting Mom 

For the Nursing Mom

  • A gift card to her local shop that carries beautiful nursing bras, like us, because she deserves to go find herself a bra that fits and makes her feel amazing. We typically recommend $75-100. 
  • A Nursing Hoodie - providing comfort, discrete nursing access even on the coldest days. 
  • Nursing friendly PJ’s - everyone deserves comfortable pjs that are silky soft, gentle on the postpartum body, and give you easy access for middle of the night feeds. 
  • An amazing water bottle, preferably something that holds lots of liquids.
  • Snack Caddy - nursing mothers are hungry, and a box of their favorite snacks can make a great stash for those hunger moments. 
  • Horizontal Parenting 

For the new Mom

  • Babysitting or Chores (if she’s not ready to leave her little, bring a meal, do the dishes, hire help, find ways to support her to do list)
  • Diaper Bag - specifically that bag she yearns to want, but can’t justify splurging on like the diaper bags from Citi Collective.  
  • Baby Carrier & Accessories - let her take on that next adventure, and find a baby carrier she’d love to wear so that she can climb mountains, take on playgrounds, or meet up with her friends. We love the Beluga Baby Buckle for its versatility and comfort giving you baby wearing ease from 15-50lbs.
  • Horizontal Parenting 
  • Floral Mama Shirt

For any Mom 

  • Babysitting
  • A Mama Shirt - share their pride of their motherhood identity with a mama t-shirt like these ones. Bonus if you can find a shirt that aligns with their special interest or quirky identity they own. 
  • A subscription service - we love Raven Reads, but there’s so many fantastic ideas like  the Pint Club from Frozen Paddle
  • A fantastic local gift basket - let someone else curate an amazing collection of things to try like Kindness Krate, Northern Lights Winery
  • If she’s into lotions and potions, sneak into her bathroom and build a collection that compliments that with the assistance of your local pharmacy staff. Don’t buy her foot soaks if she never soaks her feet, look for beauty products that can amplify her existing routine from face masks to locally made bath products from Blissful Bubbles. 
  • A new mug, bonus if it has a lid and keeps coffee warm forever and ever, but a locally crafted one you fall in love with at a craft fair is just as special. 
  • Local Cut Flower Subscription - if you live in Prince George, you might consider gifting the future of freshly delivered flowers through the spring and summer months from Peterson Farms. 
  • Slippers - did you know the people who make these beautiful baby slippers, also have slippers for adults. We love Soft Soul Footwear Inc for their values and quality, check out their full collection

Do you have a recommendation? Let us know what you want for Christmas in the comments.

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