Do you know why small businesses ask for help on social media?

by Bailey Bouwman

Did you hear that France is considering a ban on ultra fast fashion advertising as part of move to reduce pollution? 

Love it because the fun thing about being a local business is when I buy digital ads on social media or Google, I'm competing not only with national competition but global conglomerates.

Now a move like this wouldn't make paid advertising cheaper or more effective for small businesses, but it did remind me that small shops like us are competing internationally for regional attention and that fucking sucks.

And as my insurance agent tells me "We can insure her if she stops importing and exporting out of country" - the international reach of social media is becoming less of a positive and more of a costly endeavor. It can be so hard to target a regional audience who is being actively pulled by international conversations.

Things to chew on - we're out here asking for likes, shares and comments because even if we have the budget to pay for advertisements we're paying premium dollar due to increased competition and constantly being bought out by Ultra Fast Fashion.

PS. They say that Ultra Fast Fashion's key consumer is a middle age woman making at least $65k, and spending $100/month. The idea that fast fashion exists to serve low income families is not as valid as we might believe it is.


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