Babywearing in the Winter 101

by Bailey Bouwman

Are you ready to embrace babywearing in the winter? Don't worry, it's totally doable and doesn't have to be complicated. Don't forget to consider how you'll dress, and focus on creating layers for Babywearing this winter. 

Babywearing in the Winter 101

As Canadian parents, we know how important it is to keep our little ones close, especially during the colder months. Personally, I love having my babies and toddlers snuggled up against me because it allows me to keep a close eye on them. But how can we ensure our babies stay nice and warm while babywearing?

It's remember to think about the activity you'll be doing and the temperature. I find that I don't enjoy spending time outside at -20C, so most of my winter babywearing experience is between -5C to -15C. I've done colder, but I don't wanna do that again TBH. 

Let's explore a few simple strategies together.

  1. Baby Over Your Coat, That's It!

You don't need fancy gear to babywear in winter. Just dress yourself and your baby in layers as you would for any outdoor activity. Then, simply wear your baby over your coat. It's as easy as that!

You'll want to dress your child for the weather and ensure that he or she is warm - this might include a snowsuit, or other appropriate outerwear for the season. Pay special attention to their feet, hands, and head, as these areas are more exposed to the cold. You can find babywearing booties that act as tall, thick socks or foot coverings to keep those tiny feet warm. Or just grab a pair of your own socks and toss them over for full length and coverage. 

If I were taking my 18-month-old out for a walk, I would dress her in a winter snowsuit. When she gets tired, I'd toss her up on my back as is. But remember, for smaller babies or longer adventures, this might not be the best strategy. It's essential to ensure the baby is dressed appropriately, maintain a clear airway, and prioritize their comfort.

  This cold day in Jasper is a great example of this. I'm wearing my winter wear, and so is my child. She's dressed in fleece, as well as several base layers for a comfortable fit. I'm wearing a Lenny Lamb Buckle Carrier, which is similar to the Beluga Baby Buckle Carrier we have in shop. 
  1. Baby Over Coat with a Cover

Another option is to use a cover specifically designed for baby carriers. These covers add an extra layer of warmth while allowing you to have a hands-free and worry-free experience. They attach to the carrier and create a cozy cocoon for you and your baby.

A good example of this is the Jan & Jul Universal Cover. I've never used one of these, but they are great all year for tackling both chilly rainy days in the summer, and providing winter warmth. Bonus is that they work with strollers too! 

  1. Baby Under Coat with an Extender

To make things more convenient, you can use a coat extender. These extenders zip into your coat, creating extra space for your growing belly and your baby. After layering appropriately, put on your baby and zip up your coat around their bottom. This way, you can easily go in and out of buildings without having to take off your baby. 

  1. Baby Under a Fancy Babywearing Coat/Sweater

If you love staying warm and cozy, investing in a specialized babywearing sweater or coat might be perfect for you. I loved my babywearing sweater it was perfect for warmer winter days and gave us both warmth. They really can e tricky to pull on, but once you figure it out - its golden.

These products often serve double duty during pregnancy and make front carrying a breeze. However, keep in mind that back carries can be a bit trickier unless you have some babywearing skills or a helpful friend.

From this photo of me snowshoeing in Prince George, BC - you can see that I'm wearing my coat, and then my child, and then sweater as the top layer. This was a great way to keep us both warm in the wind and chilly day. I went out with a group of other moms and they helped me get it on. 
  1. Other DIY Hacks

Don't worry if you don't have specialized gear. Babywearing doesn't have to be complicated. Dress yourself and your baby in layers, and make sure they're comfortably warm (not too warm or too cold).

Sometimes, simply tucking a blanket around you and your baby can do wonders. For more ideas, check out my friend Lindsay at Maman Loups Den. 

Yes, you can continue to enjoy babywearing even in the winter!

We've shared some friendly and casual strategies to keep your little one warm and snuggled up against you. Whether you opt for dressing over your coat, using a cover, an extender, or investing in a fancy babywearing coat or sweater, there's a solution for every Canadian parent. Remember to prioritize comfort and layering for both you and your baby.

And don't forget to check out Nest & Sprout for all your babywearing gear needs this winter! Our collection of babywearing products, along with childrens outerwear is always changing and evolving as we meet new brands, and discover the needs of the community. Let us know if you have any recommendations of brands and products you want to see. 


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