Active Wear Essentials for the New Mom

by Bailey Bouwman

Looking for comfortable maternity active wear? Whether you like to break a sweat or break open a bag of potato chips, these essential active wear pieces are a must-have for new moms looking for comfort through maternity and post-partum (including breastfeeding access).

We know that motherhood can be a big change, but you don’t have to change your love of active wear or fitness. With maternity and post-partum active wear choices, new parents can continue to live their best life in comfort with classic styles and neutral tones.

 Nest & Sprout Maternity carries a variety of different activewear products, but our favourite is Cadenshae. We sought out this brand for their high-quality product and timeless design.

Is Maternity Athletic Wear Worth It?

Wearing a piece of clothing that fits properly is a game changer. Comfort in the clothes that we wears gives us confidence and excitement to take on the day, and when you’re exercising it’s an amazing experience to not have to pull at your shirts and tug on your pants for the entire class. Owning maternity active wear is a great choice for those who love to exercise and dream of all-day comfort. 

Maternity active wear is designed with your changing body in mind. Maternity active wear gives you the comfort you need immediately post birth until your body finds its new shape (perfect for breaking open a bag of potato chips). Maternity active wear is also adaptable for breastfeeding and changing breasts. Easy access points through sleeves, pull down necks, or openings, allow you to pump or breastfeed if necessary. And if you’re not breastfeeding, the design allows for ultimate comfort in movement. 

5 Maternity Active Wear Essentials 

We built a list of must have maternity items and it was only three items long, but if you’re looking for a few more pieces to build your active wear maternity wardrobe, we’d recommend these 5 essential pieces.

As a new mom, this list is built with our own experience as toddler chasing, fitness class attending, mom experience in mind. And in our experience, if you’re a homebody, you might not need any other maternity or postpartum clothes. You could just live in maternity active wear for 9+ months.

  • Versatile Tank
  • Supportive Bra
  • Warm Up Hoodie
  • Classic Tee
  • Flexible Shorts

Versatile Tank

Tanks are a versatile choice for new parents offering lightweight comfort you already know and love. We love the Cadenshae Rise Up Tank for its classic look and feel. This top doesn’t look like a breastfeeding top because its larger arm hole provides side boob access for nursing (if needed). This is the perfect relaxed fit is perfect for growing bellies and post-partum.

Supportive Bra

Breasts change shape through pregnancy, birth, and with milk product. Despite this, you need a comfortable bra to keep everything in check and give you the comfort you need to walk to the bathroom or hit up the treadmill.

  A great choice for expecting parents and new moms is a sports bra, and the Cadenshae Smoothie Crop Bra offers easy breast accessibility when breastfeeding, and all day with its quick dry moisture wicking fabric. When buying a bra for maternity or postpartum, consider shopping for you under bust measurement over your cup size. Expect both to fluctuate during pregnancy and immediately after giving birth – this is a great reason to opt for a stretchy sports bra style.

Warm Up Hoodie

Some people grab cardigans, and some grab hoodies. A warm up hoodie is perfect for chill mornings, spring days, and warming up at the gym. These hoodies are designed with maternity and postpartum in mind. The soft stretchy spandex allows for easy adaptation to growing bellies, and a horizontal zipper provides easy access for breastfeeding or pumping.

Classic Tee

Tee’s are just as versatile as tanks, but a go-to essential for any wardrobe making the perfect option for any activity from grocery shopping to fitness class. Available in different styles, maternity active wear tees offer different breast access from zippers to arm holes.

We love a tee as an essential maternity clothing because they are incredibly adaptable for maternity to postpartum. They also work great with a pair of jeans or with leggings. Tee’s are essential to any wardrobe.

Flexible Shorts or Pants

Last, and perhaps the most important active wear essential, is a pair of flexible shorts or pants. For growing bellies and changing bodies, maternity shorts, leggings or pants offer the utmost comfort for activity and day-to-day.

Choose a pair of maternity shorts as soon as you feel the need. This an essential item that you’ll continue to wear in postpartum as your body adapts after birth. There are different preferences for full belly panels or no belly panels. We find most pregnant women prefer a full belly panel for comfort, compression, and support. Change your mind? Fold the belly panel down.

 Adjustable belly panels are great for running during pregnancy, exercising all year round, or lounging with the kids in the backyard.

Stay active in new motherhood

Maternity active wear is a phenomenal investment for longevity to work with your body today and for months to come.

We find that most new parents wear these clothes longer than their pregnancy and into postpartum. If your maternity active wear is in good condition and ready for a new home, consider consigning with us.


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