5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Maternity Wardrobe

by Bailey Bouwman

When you are not pregnant, there are so many amazing boutiques and shops to find the perfect outfit that matches your unique style as a person. Then, you become pregnant and the options for maternity wear shift, as you stare down a few racks of options wondering if any of this is your style or will fit your body. 

We know this well at Nest & Sprout. Everyday we chat with pregnant people as they search for the perfect outfit. It doesn’t matter if we have a massive collection, or a small maternity collection, the vibe is still the same: the disappointment, that it’s not what you really want, and the frustration that you are shopping for a few short months. That’s why we’ve been focusing on good quality essentials that you can incorporate with your existing wardrobe, especially with our recent Spring/Summer 2023 line. 

Upgrading your maternity wardrobe during this sale has never been easier or more affordable! Here are five reasons why you should take advantage of this incredible opportunity - because maternity wear really is the bomb-diggity, and can be a game changer in how you feel about your changing body.

Maternity Wear is Comfortable & Supportive in Pregnancy.

We know how important it is to feel comfortable during pregnancy, that's why maternity wear is designed with your comfort in mind. This includes soft, stretchy fabrics that let you move freely, but also let your body change as needed. From hips to rib cages, to your calves and arms, things are in flux and the soft stretchy nature of maternity wear helps you feel comfortable. 

But comfort isn't the only thing maternity wear prioritizes. We also know that pregnancy can be tough on your body, especially your growing belly. For many pregnant parents, full belly panel pants, jeans and leggings can help support their belly providing relief for day-to day wear. Some specialty garments such as the Ripe Maternity Support Legging provide even more built in support. Unfortunately, we don’t carry a support band at this time due to sourcing limitations. 

Maternity Wear is for Postpartum

Did you know on average number of times we wear clothing has significantly decreased over the years? Some sources suggest, women will wear a shirt 7 times before discarding it. And in a world of fast fashion, where you can buy a shirt for less than $20, sure - but maternity wear is not designed for this style of consumerism. It’s designed to be worn through pregnancy, and into postpartum, with many styles being nursing friendly.

This means you can get more use out of your purchase and save money in the long run - don’t think of your maternity clothes as a short lived experience but rather something you’ll wear many times over. And if you’re not having babies afterwards, consider consigning with your local consignment shop or sharing with a friend. 

If you plan to breastfeed look for styles with easy access for nursing and you can wear for multiple periods in your life. Most breastfeeding friendly styles are designed for maternity wear and can be just as comfortable. 

Maternity Wear Boosts Confidence and Helps You Feel Beautiful 

I know we mentioned the lack of diversity and options within maternity, but you can find key pieces that help you feel wonderful - whether it’s a simple pair of maternity leggings to wear with your favorite dress turned tunic, or a pair of maternity jeans to wear to work - these little things add up and give you the comfort your seeking.

And when you feel comfortable, you feel beautiful! One fun fact about maternity, is don’t usually need to size up. Brands build in the stretch and comfort to grow with your pre-pregnancy size. Now of course, there are exceptions, like when a brand cuts a product to a different size, or a material behaves differently - but for the most part, follow the size chart and consider starting with your pre-pregnancy size.

We are just one of many maternity shops across the country - each boasting their own collections of pregnancy clothing that can help you find a style or outfit you need for the occasion. 

Affordable Prices During the Sale

We understand that pregnancy can be expensive. Seriously, and it’s not for a lack of trying - the options within maternity are sparse for retailers and customers. 

This is a great opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe without breaking the bank. If our sale is over, check out the clearance section. We don’t offer many sales on maternity clothes, but if you join our newsletter you may get early access and exclusive coupons in the future. 

Supporting a Local Business

You can shop maternity and support a locally owned small business. Whether you’re in Ontario, Saskatchewan, or local to us in Prince George, BC - shopping with Nest & Sprout is an easy way to support the people curating quality collections for your growing family. 

We're a proud Canadian business based in Prince George, and we're dedicated to providing Canadian parents with the best possible maternity wear, , and expanding our children's clothing collection and baby gear. 


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