About Native Shoes

explore Native Shoes – Where Sustainable Steps Lead to Stylish Strides

 Born out of a profound love for community and a dedication to eco-conscious living, Native Shoes brings a unique collection of footwear to Nest & Sprout.

In the heart of the brand's ethos is a commitment to redefine sustainable fashion. Crafted with EVA and bio-based materials, Native Shoes goes beyond mere footwear; it's a statement of values and a testament to the brand's purpose. From the playground to family outings, Native Shoes promises comfort, style, and a touch of eco-conscious goodness for little feet and beyond.

What Makes Native Shoes at Nest & Sprout Special?

  • Eco-Friendly Footwear: Native Shoes utilizes injection-molded bio-based EVA and Sugarlite™, offering lightweight, shock-absorbent shoes that are kind to the planet.
  • Sizes for Every Stage: From Child (C) to Junior (J), Native Shoes covers the spectrum, ensuring the perfect fit for every growing explorer.
  • Effortless Comfort: Hand-washable, odor-resistant, and easy to slide on – Native Shoes are designed for the carefree joy of childhood.

Step into sustainable style. Step into Native Shoes at Nest & Sprout. 🌿👟✨