Find your favourite Northern BC businesses at Nest & Sprout, Pine Centre Mall

by Bailey Bouwman

Since our first post, the collection of local makers and businesses at Nest & Sprout has continued to grow and change as we find new partners and opportunities. If you're interested in being showcased at Nest & Sprout, send us a message. We'd love to work with you to make this happen. 

We love to carry Made in Canada, Designed in Canada, but most importantly - we love to be able to offer a space for local businesses to connect with new customers and continue to offer the community local-designed products. These are, of course, products for new parents and their young off-spring. We're looking to cloth, accessorize, and decorate with products made in Prince George, BC, or across Northern BC. 

Local Seamstress: Bulldog Wrinkle

BullDogWrinkle is a household name for Prince George parents-to-be. Always found at craft markets in the fall, you can now find a selection of hats, toques, booties, Mocs, carseat covers and blankets in our Pine Centre location.

The booties make for a fantastic baby shower gift, the toques perfect for the transition through the season, and the blankets just incredibly soft and ready for your family. We regularly restock booties as they continue to be a top seller for our customers. 

Local Maker: Hidden Grain Co

The Hidden GrainCo makes custom home decor, including the most awesome growth charts for your family. We've been in a selection of quotes and charts to help your home be ready for little people. These made in Prince George growth charts GO FAST! If you see one that you like, come and shop sooner than later. These custom growth charts are popular across Northern BC. 

Local Maker: Lo & Abe

We recently Prince George Mom, Kelsey Bircher into the shop. These bedtime seamstress has a selection of teething bibs and teething rings to shop. Inspired and motivated by northern mama Jacqui at Sew Bright Creations, we are excited to have her in shop.

Local Maker: Crafty Owl

Crafty Owl is a Terrace mom who likes to craft things. We have a small selection of her beautiful hair bows and bands. These are beautifully made and simple style for any little in your life.

Local Maker: Matte Baby Co

Known for her beautiful mobiles that just do not photograph as beautifully as they are on display - Matte Baby also custom makes bibs in both short and full sleeve.

Local Maker: Spastic Duck Design & Creations

The creativity of the shops owner Rachelle, Spastic Duck Design offers custom baby announcements, milestone cards, and a selection of other must-have nursery additions that you didn't know you needed until now. 

Local Artist: Barn & Petal

Original and handmade watercolour paintings from local artist Kristen at Barn & Petal are now available at our Pine Centre location. These are the perfect addition to any nursery giving that little pop of warmth, creativity, and inspiration to any space. 

Local Author: Tori Smith

Tori is a new mom to the Prince George area bringing her book Ready to Unpop: a modern mama's guide to unpopular practices in maternity. Tori's book aims to normalize the unpopular, challenge the mainstream, and ensure you choose what's really right for you in your maternity journey. 

Local Author: Bailey Bouwman

Hey that's me! You'll find a copy of my book Cloth Diapers: the ultimate guide to textiles, washing & more at Nest & Sprout Maternity. I wrote this beginners guide to cloth diapering to help you get grounded in the this or that of diapering. It's a complete reference book to inspire you to problem solve and find your diapering journey. 

Check out my other guest blog post on cloth diapers. 

And more!

It's so exciting to see the hardworking of all of these amazing Prince George entrepreneurs in our Pine Centre location and the light that comes when a shoppers discovers the products. 


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