Sunflower Field Outfit Ideas for Pregnant and Postpartum Moms

by Bailey Bouwman
Planning a trip to the sunflower fields this August? Maybe your local and hitting up the sunflower festival in Prince George hosted by Northern Lights Winery, or checking out one in your local home town - you'll definitely want to consider adding these pieces to your collection. 
Here's a few outfit ideas from our shop to inspire you whether you're pregnant or postpartum.

Denim Overalls - Classic Cute

Maternity overalls from Ripe Maternity are a classic all-over fit and comfort for pregnant bodies, this simple look is an everyday outfit that looks fantastic in the sunflowers. Pair with a classic maternity tee for all season comfort. 

Colour Block Dress

This lightweight, and light coloured dress,  colour block maxi dress from Hello Miz, is a floor stopper that accentuates your bump, keeps you cool, and lets you stand out in the field of sunflowers. Pair with a denim jacket or shall from your closet, and you'll find comfort in this simple style

Simple Black Dress

The simple straps on this black dress from Hello Miz lets you shine in a field of sunflowers. Designed for nursing or pregnancy, this a breastfeeding friendly dress featuring a top overlay, and maxi length dress with a curved hem. A favourite amongst ours taff, this simple dress is perfect for all weathers as it can be easily dress up or down to meet the occasion. 

Add a pop of colour with a blazer, scarf, or just the right jewelry. 

Keep it simple - shorts & tee

We think this simple look of denim maternity shorts with a blue maternity tee will help you stand out in a field of sunflowers. This look is nothing special but something you can wear for weeks to come up to your birth. Look cool, and relaxed amongst the sunflowers. Choose colours that pop like this Sea Blue V-Neck, or if you're looking for something nursing friendly consider the Tulip Top from Hello Miz for your postpartum style. 

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