About Mini Melissa

Founded on a vision of joy and responsibility, Mini Melissa, a brand under the Grendene Global Brands umbrella, redefines children's footwear with a commitment to cruelty-free and eco-conscious creations.

Crafted from their resilient PVC material, MelFlex, Mini Melissa shoes are not just adorable; they are durable, easy to clean, and waterproof, ensuring that each tiny step is comfortable and stylish. The brand's dedication to veganism is showcased through a commitment made in 2017 to never test on animals or use components of animal origin, as registered by the Vegan Society.

Mini Melissa goes beyond conventional materials, incorporating bio-based materials made from sugar cane and vegetable oils in specific models. This move towards sustainability aligns with the brand's goal to contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

In their journey towards eco-friendliness, Mini Melissa embraces mindful manufacturing practices. With 100% wastewater treatment and 86% water reuse, the brand demonstrates its commitment to reducing environmental impact. The use of 100% renewable energy since 2018 and the installation of solar panels at their factories further solidify Mini Melissa's dedication to low carbon emissions and a greener infrastructure.

Mini Melissa's commitment to zero-waste excellence is evident through the incorporation of recycled factory waste, making up 30% of each shoe. In 2022, an impressive 90% of total waste was reincorporated into production, marking a significant step towards their goal of becoming a zero-waste business.