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Car Seat Coat | 2022 Player One | Toastiest Car Seat Coat | Limited Edition | Final Sale

Car Seat Coat | 2022 Player One | Toastiest Car Seat Coat | Limited Edition | Final Sale

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Yes little ones (or grand-little ones) can be safely buckled AND warm - without all the struggle! Ride safely and in style with water resistant outer layers, the softest winter fleece, and chunky rib knit extendable cuffs and collars keep little ones toasty warm all winter long. Charming kangaroo pockets are perfect for hiding little treasures or giving cold hands a warm place to snuggle.

Perfect for safer rides and winter play! Crash Tested/Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) Approved

The Car Seat Coat that Does It All

  • Goes on at home, stays on safely in the car seat.
  • Fast & Easy transitions in the car
  • Perfect for outdoor play
  • Longer sleeves to last more than one season.

Car Seat Coat | Player One | Toastiest Car Seat Coat |  Features

  • Water resistant outer fabric – keeps little ones dry and warm
  • Split collars - harness safely snug on chest & shoulders
  • Crash Tested
  • CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) Approved
  • CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Approved
  • Wind + Water Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • 100% Polyester – Imported


With a wind and water resistant grey/green outer fabric, charcoal cozy sherpa, and the softest retro gamer interior - this car seat coat keeps your little one warm all winter long.
Perfect for safer rides in the car and outdoor days in the snow with durable wind and water resistant exteriors.
 Coats run large for longer wear! No "sizing up" and adding bulk to the back.

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    Car Seat Coat | 2022 Player One | Toastiest Car Seat Coat | Limited Edition | Final Sale
    Buckle Me Baby
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    Finally, a kids winter jacket that gives quick & easy transitions out of the car. No more undressing your child on a freezing morning to get them safely in their seat. With Buckle Me Baby Coats and Winter Suits your kid stays warm and safe wherever you go. 

    Buckle Me Baby Coats have been crash tested at an independent University crash test facility where they not only outperformed traditional puffy coats but also tested similarly to no coat at all! The coats have been evaluated by CPSTs who give them two thumbs up!

    At Nest & Sprout, Buckle Me Baby Car Seat Safe coats are available online and at our Pine Centre location. We ship straight from our Prince George, BC location and can't wait to get your kids into the right coat this winter.