What is a Reusable Swim Diaper

by Bailey Bouwman

It is swim season and one of the hottest items at Nest & Sprout is the swim diaper, and rightfully so.

You can replace purchasing expensive single-use disposable swim diapers with one reusable, easy to launder, swim diaper. But what is a reusable swim diaper, and how does it work? How is a cloth swim diaper different than a cloth diaper? All great questions that we have the answers to.

What is a cloth swim diaper or a reusable swim diaper?

Much like a cloth diaper, it’s designed with many of the same features but intentionally created for the pool. You can use cloth diapers as swim diapers, we prefer the fit and function of a cloth swim diaper because a cloth swim diaper is designed for a snugger, fool-proof, fit that takes on the pool with so much more ease than just any cloth diaper.

Swim diapers securely fit under your child’s swimsuit – or can be worn as a bottom without a swimsuit It's simply a diaper designed to work in the pool. That means no inserts or absorbency - very different from the classic Lil Helper Cloth Diapers we carry. 

Modern swim diapers look like modern cloth diapers. We aren't talking about your grandma’s rubber pants, but rather sleek modern designs with custom snaps and elastics. It is a reusable swim diaper.

 Swim diapers have one job: keep poop out of the pool. See, poop is bad health day for everyone and can cause serious community health impacts. Poop in the pool shuts down the pool and upsets the community. Nobody wants to be the parent of the pooper. That's why we use swim diapers. The disposable swim diaper is a recent addition to the market being designed at the end of the twenty-first century, but we still sing the praises of cloth because of its function, fit, and ease of use.

Disposable swim diapers are not designed to catch pee - they are just single use plastic we wrap around baby and hope for the best. But poop happens, so keep it real with a swipe diaper.

Why a Lil Helper Swim Diaper?

Your babies are growing… The Lil Helper Swim Diaper grows with them…

Our swim diaper has adjustable snap settings on the waist and rise, that will allow it to fit your little one from 10-40lbs. You can even share our swim diapers between siblings even if they are different ages. And the best part is, almost all our prints are gender neutral so you don’t have to worry even if you keep them for your next one! Simple adjust the length of the diaper by snapping the rise settings located in the mid front to the size of your baby. Unsnap as they get older.

  • Designed to contain poop only and nothing else.
  • Charcoal coloured inner reduces staining.
  • save you money and visits to the store.
  • One size adjusts as your baby grows
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