Back to Basics: Simple & Cute Breastfeeding-Friendly Tops for Canadian Parents

by Bailey Bouwman

Welcome to Nest & Sprout, where simplicity meets style in our curated collection of breastfeeding-friendly tops designed for Canadian parents. I've been the shop owner for a few years now and starting to find my groove and learn my lessons on what works, what doesn't and what you as a Canadian breastfeeding parent might love to have in your wardrobe. 

We've opted to go back to basics with our maternity and breastfeeding clothing collections this year. The super cute seasonal styles are too challenging to sell, so you'll discover simple tees, maternity leggings, and the basics that help you mix and match your wardrobe. The idea is to encourage you to use existing pieces, accessories, and more to add your flare to how you dress. 

With that in mind, we've brought in a few new pieces this Spring 24. Explore our handpicked selection from Atelier Veronique B, Ripe Maternity, and Movemama, ensuring that every breastfeeding moment is both easy and adorable.

Corinne Sweater – Effortless Chic for Every Feed

Step into the world of effortless chic with the Corinne Maternity and Nursing shirt. This made in Canada piece, features a V-neckline and short sleeves, making breastfeeding a breeze without sacrificing style.It's made with their ultra soft bamboo rayon, and features a ruched side making this top maternity and breastfeeding friendly. Perfect for the entire season of parenting. 

Features a lift up flap across the front of the shirt for nursing access. 

Jazmin Tee – Relaxed Vibes, Stylish Feeds

 Embrace the laid-back charm of the Ripe Maternity Jazmin Nursing/Maternity Tee in Soft Pink. Designed for comfort and ease, this tee, although not locally made, boasts a round neckline and lift-up nursing access using two longer panels Unlike the shorter lift up of the one above, you'll lft up the front layer for access in the armpits of the top. 

This top has less stretch to it. It may not be a good choice for third trimester, but definitely enough flow for postpartum belly and smal bellies. 

Ripe Organic Simplicity – Silver Marle Tee

 Experience simplicity with the Ripe Maternity Organic Nursing Tee in Silver Marle. This is your basic t shirt with a round neckline and a stretch jersey. It also features a lift up nursing access where you have the bottom piece gently elasticized to lay under your breasts, and full access once lifted. 

A great style to mix and match with jeans for an everyday style. This top is stretchy and can be used in maternity, but not as long or as ruched as the earlier mentioned style. 

Movemama's – V-Neck Zip Tee

The perfect postpartum tee, the Movemama's V-Neck Full Zip Breastfeeding Tee is an effortless relaxed and cozy material with a hidden zipper access for nursing. Discover a discrete double sided zipper in the breast area of the shirt. Easily flip the tabs inwards for postpartum wear beyond nursing.

This is postpartum only, and does not offer the length you might prefer in pregnancy.

Movemama's BFF Zip Tee – Comfort Redefined

Another basic t-shirt to help you rediscover comfort. The  Movemama's Breastfeeding Full (BFF) Zip nursing tee is crafted from 100% micromodal fabric, redefines comfortable breastfeeding with its invisible zipper design and relaxed fit.

Simple, cute, and oh-so-comfortable.

Movemama's Relaxed Fit Sweatshirt – Casual Coolness

A wardrobe must-have for these chilly days and night, the Movemama's Relaxed Fit Zipper Breastfeeding Sweatshirt provides you warmth and discrete access for nursing. Available in multiple colours, this breastfeeding-friendly sweatshirt captures the essence of simplicity and style. The hidden horizontal zippers make it the go-to choice for easy, stylish feeds.

Elevate Your Breastfeeding Journey with Nest & Sprout's Essential Collection

This year, we're taking a back-to-basics approach, focusing on simple yet stylish pieces that resonate with your preferences. Every breastfeeding mom has a preference for the style of access to the cut of the shirt. You'll find a mix of hidden zippers, lift up flaps, and changing necklines in our expanding basics.

As with many things, our local collection of maternity and breastfeeding clothing changes as the parents change. We'll continue to stock products that Prince George parents want to buy, and shop up to try on. Your ongoing feedback helps us curate a unique collection for Canadian parents. 

Visit our boutique in Prince George, BC, to experience the warmth of local service and discover the perfect pieces for your parenting adventure.


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