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by Bailey Bouwman

The thrill of a new collection is always an exciting moment at Nest & Sprout, and this season is no exception. Earlier this week, we unboxed the new dinosaur prints from Piccalilly and today,  we're diving into a world of wonder with the captivating Safari Party Collection from Nest Designs.

Nest Designs: Where Adventure Meets Comfort

When it comes to children's clothing, we have a few non-negotiables: comfort, style, and sustainability. Nest Designs checks all these boxes and more, making it the perfect addition to our curated collection at Nest & Sprout.

We know this first hand because I’ve purchased their bigger kid's clothing for my own kids over the past few months to wash, wear and love. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality, comfort and design features that this brand focuses on. From their tearable tags in their kids underwear, to their quality cotton - Nest Designs is a leader in quality childrens’ clothing in Canada. 

Journey into the Wild: The Safari Party Collection

Let's talk about the star of the show – the Safari Party Collection. This collection from Nest Designs is a celebration of free-roaming wildlife, transformed into party animals in the most delightful way. And to be honest, I was unpacking this box thinking WTF did I order… but it's absolutely adorable. I think my favourite thing about this collection is how neutral and unisex it is. This Safari collection is going to put a smile on your face and be loved by both girls and boys!

With this order, I really opened up our sizing to more than just a baby - that's right Children's clothing!. And it’s something we want to remind you that Nest & Sprout isn't just for the little ones. We cater to kids from baby to big kid, with select styles available in sizes up to 5-6 years. We hear it all the time in the halls of Pine Centre Mall, that’s a baby store - but we have so much more to offer Prince Geroge as a growing shop for the entire family. 

Looking for more safari prints? Check out the Safari collection for newborns launched by Villervalla earlier this year. 

The Prints That Steal the Show

In this first drop of the FW23 Safari Party Collection, you'll discover prints that are as captivating as the African Savannah itself. We didn’t order all of the prints, but here’s a quick look at the three prints we did. 

  • Giraffe Shapes: Graceful giraffes playfully balance on vibrant shapes of blue, purple, and rose, showcasing their love for adventure. 
  • Meerkats Away!: Smiling meerkats take to the skies with balloons and parachutes in shades of blue, purple, and pink, proving they're masters of fun.
    • Available in footed pajamas, footless pajamas, and 2 Piece Pajamas
    • Available with coordinating bibs, or burp and bib. 
    • Also available in Swaddle and Crib Sheets. 

  • Hoodie Horsey: Celebrate the uniqueness of each zebra with colorful hoodies, a stylish twist for these social animals. I think this is my favourite print and just makes me smile everytime I look at it. You can get this in a long sleeve bodysuit or the Burp N Bib or the Swaddle .

This collection is made with the most incredible premium cotton that you have ever experienced. We get so many customers in Prince George looking for bamboo sleepwear, but this organic cotton sleepwear in the Fall collection is absolute wonder to the skin. We were unboxing it on Saturday and it just felt amazing. And this weekend, everyone who has touched the sleepwear has purchased a pair for their kids. 

Seriously, Nest Designs is a brand that you might not have heard of in the noise of other brands like Kyte Baby, Little Unicorn, and Loulou Lollipop - but they are just as incredible and worthy. Sometimes we get it, you want the brand names of big influencers but you gotta try Nest Designs they will be a big name before you know it.



More Than Just Pajamas

But wait, there's more! Nest & Sprout offers a selection of accessories and nursery decor from Nest Designs, including burp cloths, coordinating bibs, swaddles, and crib sheets. It's a world of possibilities for creating a cozy and stylish nursery.

Restocked Pillows: Sweet Dreams Guaranteed

We've restocked our kid pillows, including the larger size that's been a hit with parents. These toddler pillows with a slim profile ensure a comfortable and restful night's sleep for your little ones. Now available in a small size, pillow. and medium size toddler.

 Kid's Underwear: A Fan Favorite

Don't miss out on Nest Designs' best-selling kids' underwear, available in boy brief and girl brief styles. These comfortable, breathable, and tag-free slim-profile underwear are perfect for kids who seek comfort and softness. PS - these kids underwear are sold with tags, but simply rip them out before washing and you’ll have a tag-free design. 

I did order this into a size 9-10 years. I was thinking of my kids, but there are extras in store if you have a big kid you need underwear for! 

More About Nest Designs

Nest Designs is a brand that blends fashion with functionality and longevity. Founded by Tammy Lo, a visionary from Vancouver, Canada, the brand is built on the principles of quality and sustainability. With a background in graphics and marketing, Tammy brings her creative ideas to life through hand-drawn prints.

Nest Designs began its journey in Vancouver, BC, in 2013, and it's rooted in the West Coast's love for mountains, oceans, and sustainable baby products. All products are designed in Vancouver and crafted in collaboration with select overseas manufacturers who share their commitment to quality and ethical practices.

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