Baby Shower Gift Ideas

by Bailey Bouwman

We've been open in Pine Centre Mall for a few months now, and this week has been all about the baby shower.  Spring babies are coming due, and we are ready to celebrate their arrival.

But, what do you get a new parent who is expecting a little one? We have a store full of ideas, but here's a few of our favourite gift ideas for your next baby shower. 

Memory Keepers

Baby books are beautiful and classic addition to any new parents journey of starting a family. We bring in Mushy Books, a designed & assembled in BC brand. These classic spiral-bound books are perfectly sweet and available in three styles. You can also grab a set of no-mess footprints to capture that first feet (restocking this week).

Newborn Gown or a Swaddle

You might think - but they'll have too many swaddles and outfits, but I disagree. You can never have enough swaddles and gowns for your newest arrival. Especially if they are gifted from a special someone. 

Everyone loves the Village Baby Swaddles, and it pairs with an Itzy Ritzy teething mitt just beautifully. Or pick up the newest arrival - our nodo gowns from The OVer Company. We have so much selection in colours, prints and styles to fit almost any family. Shop with us online or stop by our store in Prince George, BC

Bathtime Ready

One of the best gifts I received was a set of bath toys and bath books because it was just not something I thought I needed - but was essential to making bath time fun with a tiny tot. 

Pair one of our colour-changing bath books with a hooded towel for a sweet gift for your parent-to-be. 

Collection of Books

Books the perfect gift because you can always need more books - and children will destroy them. The never ending bedtime story quickly becomes faded with time and you can never give too many books... okay I'm sure someone disagrees with me, but I like to give books for gifts. And the books I've received bring me fond memories of the gift givers every-time I read them. 

We also have some great books for mom - including Nurture, and Good Moms have scary thoughts. 

Diaper Bag

It's the classic gift for a new parent - a special bag for all their new little things they have to bring everywhere with them. Diaper bags are fantastic gifts for baby showers or that special pregnant human in your life. 

We carry Pretty Pokets, a woman-designed bag that we loved the values, build, and functionality of. And we carry a classic utilitarian diaper backpack from KeaBabies. 

Still unsure?

Come visit us at Pine Centre Mall - we are directly across from Boathouse and next to Showcase. You can check out our selection, maybe pick out something else that catches your eye.


Where all else fails.... a gift card and one of our adorable greeting cards. Encourage the new parent to shop our store in person or online for the perfect product - maybe a new bra, a hoodie, or some baby gear for later on and fill in the gaps.

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